How does ReviewOne work?

All we need to know is the name of your company. Your order will be considered by our review expert team. After that we will search for authors, who have experience with your brand to write reviews. When the reviews are posted, we will send you a report with links to all of them.

You can place your order here. Please, fill out 5 fields about your company and product and submit the form. 
Our review specialists will collect data to adjust 33 review parameters. We will select the sites, describe your customer persona, define the review style. Based on this data, the system will automatically generate thousands of realistic feedback scenarios for our authors.


After moderation the order will come to you for confirmation: you won’t miss it, as send an email notification. After you check the details and confirm the order, we will reserve the funds. The authors will get down to writing reviews. You can always get a refund through our support team, if you are not satisfied with the texts or posting quality.

After the moderator checks and corrects all the reviews, they will be sent to you for approval. You will get another email notification. You can either accept reviews of or send them for revision.
After you accept the reviews, we will start posting them on target sites. This stage lasts from 1 week to 1 month. Upon completion, we will send you a report with links to all the reviews. When you accept the report, the reserved funds will be transferred to our account.


After the order is completed, you will receive a detailed report with links to all the reviews posted. Please note, you won’t be able to find them in search results right away: search engine indexing may take from 7 days to 1 month. Reviews placement is confirmed by links in the report.

We don’t write reviews about ourselves. We have chosen a transparent marketing strategy. You can find reviews of our freelancers. We are responsible for all reviews left about our service. You can request customer feedback about our work in the support chat or per email 

After the order is created, you will be taken to the ‘Orders’ page. You can see information about your order in ‘Status’ column. At the stages ‘Order confirmation’, ‘Reviews acceptance’, and ‘Report acceptance’ you will receive an email notification.

After you confirm the order, the tasks for writing the texts are assigned to several authors to make reviews unique and different in structure. Terms are fixed in the contract: 10 reviews are written in 3 days, 50 reviews – in 7 days, 100 reviews – in 13 days.

Each site has its own safe interval for posting reviews. For example, TripAdvisor accepts 1 review per week, Amazon - 2-3 reviews per week, and Yelp - 2 reviews per month.

Customer reviews websites may have simple and complicated moderation. The cost of placing a review on a site with simple moderation is 3$. But some sites have complicated moderation system, such as Google Maps, Yelp, Facebook. The cost of placing one review on such sites starts from 6$. More information is available in our price list.

We work with more than 10.000 authors. To fulfill the order, we select those who used or could use your services and are perfectly familiar with your business. The authors of the reviews undertake to use your services to write real reviews about your company.

We post reviews with photos and documents and soon our customers will be able to upload media files at our website. For now, you can send photos and documents per email:

No, we never write and post negative feedback. Our service is created to improve the company reputation, not to destroy it.

Yes, paste your reviews in the comment field when you place the order or send them per email . We will edit them according to moderation rules and place on customer review websites. 

When ordering, select the category of your product and the system automatically selects the sites. Then the moderator will check the order and complete it with specialized sites. We place reviews at websites your customers will most likely see them. TripAdvisor - for restaurants, Amazon - for online stores, Foursquare and Angie's List - for goods and services.

We always write and post 15% more reviews in case some of them will be deleted. If case by the time you get a report not all reviews are posted or some of them are deleted, we will post reviews for free. We know the value of reputation. In addition, we are legally responsible for the full execution of the order. This is specified in the public offer.

The price per order is calculated by the system automatically. Costs per review are available in our price list.

All accounts we publish reviews from have a history and at least 3-5 messages. 30% of our accounts on Angie's List and Foursquare are older than 3 years.

We select only the most popular sites with high traffic and TIC. We do not guarantee all sites we used appear in TOP 10, but in 70% of cases they are in TOP 10 of Bing, Google and other search engines.

Actually, our reviews are cheaper. We sell already posted reviews, not just texts. If our reviews are deleted, then we post new ones for free. No agency will accept an order for 1 1 review, and no freelance marketplace will guarantee placing 50 reviews. 

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