Short Guide to Better Ranking on TripAdvisor

Short Guide to Better Ranking on TripAdvisor

Imagine that you’ve got a chance to travel somewhere you’ve always been willing to. What is the first thing you’ll do if it’s your first experience? Well, you’ll probably start looking for the feedback of various people who already know how to do it right. Customer reviews for potential travelers are extremely popular all over the net. They are the driving force of such resources as TripAdvisor and Yelp. Latest research held by Google proves that opinions of customers means a lot:

Positive and negative opinions officially checked and posted by real people have a great influence on potential clients. Up to 35 thousand respondents have said that TripAdvisor is the first resource they deal with before they make exact plans about the journey. The following scheme shows the key points people pay attention to before they start out for a journey of their dream:

Such websites have a very significant influence on people. It makes no difference what they’re looking for – traveling, accommodation, diners, and more. All sensible restaurant and hotel owners respecting their clients do their best to provide them with detailed information on the services and enjoyable options with photos and feedback uploaded and posted by the experienced customers. If you’re really interested in further development and successful promotion of your enterprise, make sure you’ve got the flawless reputation on the Net.

Think it over:

  • TripAdvisor has up to 130 million reviews with more than 30 million users;
  • The site gets about 250 million users monthly;
  • Numerous researches have demonstrated that the revenue of multiple companies dealing with traveling is closely connected to the online activity of the experienced tourists and travelers. You can increase your revenue up to 11% simply following and asking the reviews of the customers on various reputable resources.

If you’re willing to stand tall against the competitors in the niche and be proud about what you do for the world, you need to know how the ranking actually works on the platform. It’s vital to realize that following the algorithm makes you the most advantageous online and in the business in general. You need to follow certain rules of the game to be able to stand against the competitors and multiply your success! The following three tips may be helpful.

This is How Ranking Rules

Various studies have proved that the most significant factors affecting your ranking are: quantity, quality, and recency of your customers’ activity on trustworthy worldwide platforms. Let’s pay special attention to each of the factors.

  • Quantity

One of the researches held by the specialists of Trip Advisor has shown that more than half of its users ignore advertising if they get no reviews on it. It makes no sense whether the reviews are negative or positive. If any type of business is not discussed in the net, it does not attract the attention of the users. The development of the feedback system has been especially notable in 2014. Since that time it’s absolutely normal for a potential customer to wonder whether everything’s OK with the company or not if it has no reviews at all. The great number of real reviews makes a tangible contribution to your traveling business. Your business website will get to the top if you split the reviews into categories like TripAdvisor does:

Recommendation: Surveys. Never forget about surveys. Most successful hotel owners organize systems of electronic and old-fashioned paper surveys to make sure whether their clients are satisfied or not. They encourage their guests to leave feedback using mobile notifications or simply leaving the blanks in the rooms with a polite request to leave a negative or a positive feedback. 
You should make your customers leave feedback after their leave. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short comment or a long review. The number of reviews changes a big deal even for an already developed business. 

  • Quality

OK, the significant number of reviews is important. However, if your ranking doesn’t show any significant change, it’s time to make a little research work to understand what’s wrong. For example, the number of stars you can get is a very peculiar indicator. If most part of the clients gives you five stars it does not actually show your success. The results of your work may be successful, but the results of your competitors may be twice as more (including both negative and positive reviews). This way they’ll get higher ranking as well as stable development.
Let’s have a look at this example:

The second accommodation demonstrated as the example in the article has a bigger overall number of reviews in comparison to the one we’ve mentioned in the beginning. The number of excellent marks for the second hotel is 60% in comparison to the first example that makes up to 82%. Looks like the first one is winning, right? Well, you should know that the first example has the second position in the list of best hotels in NY. The second one is on the thirtieth place in the same ranking.

It’s quite hard to make someone create a full review of something. It may actually be annoying. The best way is to simply make your customers like your service or not. You need to do your best to make your customers deal with their negative emotions. The best way to get the balance between the negative and positive attitude is to make them do it at the moment they pay using paper leaflets, thus, lowering their willing to go online and leave a bad review. This way you’ll know more about your work and you’ll be able to improve your reputation before someone manages to express their negativity online.  

  • Recency

One of the most important things is the freshness of reviews left on various platforms as well as on your personal website. Potential customers never trust old feedback and they quickly start searching for a new accommodation or a dining option if you’ve got nothing to share in connection with your recent activity. It may easily happen that one of your best friends was extremely satisfied with the service of a hotel he’s been staying at five months ago, but recent reviews show that the situation has changed and everything praised by your friend is now changed and spoiled because of the repairing works or other circumstances. 

Think about the recency of the reviews posted about your traveling business. Traveling – is one of the most active business spheres. Make sure that the feedback left by the satisfied and unsatisfied guests is up-to-date not to provoke the chain reaction. Make sure you’re able to deal with your flaws and show you the best and the worst sides as soon as possible. 

Recommendation: The first thing you need is to work out the email and SMS notifications strategy. Make sure that you’ve got an automate system of notifications or get a couple of professionals ready to deal with comments, letters and various notifications from the users on a regular basis. This way you’ll automatically get the recency and quantity. Use social networks to attract the attention and encourage your everyone to leave positive feedback and share it with friends. Make everyone mention your successful work on Facebook or Instagram and respond to the reviews to show that you care.

If there’s someone who knows how to perform best on customer review resources for travelers and diners, leave a comment down below and we’ll discuss it together.


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