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ReviewOne — is the first real review placement service

We will find your customers. They will write and place real reviews and testimonials about your business on any sites from 3$

New reviews help businesses to:


Push out negative ones

Real positive testimonials will occupy first pages at customer reviews websites, and negative comments will be moved to pages 2 and 3, so that your customers won’t notice them.

To order eviction!

Boost popularity

Comments at customer reviews sites will help increase customer awareness of your company and attract new potential customers to your website.

To increase the popularity!

Increase sales

6 out of 10 customers read reviews to make a purchase decision. You have an opportunity to announce your advantages through positive customer feedback

Increase sales!

We create and publish real reviews


Any number of reviews at any website

Your customers will write and post from 1 to 1000 reviews per month using 33 customizable parameters. We will find a minimum of 300 authors who used your products and are ready to write a review about you.

We write and publish

You get more than texts – you get published reviews. Each stage of your order execution can be tracked in your personal account.


Real testimonials

We create no limits for our authors: they can share feedback about your product, its characteristics or the problem they solved with its help. No fake and exaggerated reviews, only real experience, written in natural customer’s language.

100%-real experience

There are hundreds of customers in the world who used your products and are ready to write a review about it. We just push them to do that. It will only increase their loyalty.


Two level settings

  1. Quick order: we will study the information about your company and customize all the order parameters individually.
  2. Custom order: you can configure each of the 33 review parameters on your own. Just write us in the chat and we'll give you access to the system
  3. .

Individual approach

Our expert on negotiations communicates with the authors on a regular basis. The author database consists of hundreds of customers. They buy goods and services from various businesses, so we select those who know your products.


Why businesses need reviews?


Reviews can sell

6 out of 10 customers read comments from other uses about your company to make a purchase decision. Our clients notice 20% increase in sales after publishing reviews.


They build trust

Did you know that loyal customers make at least 40% of your income? You don’t have to pay to create loyalty, because you customers will rely on the experience of others.


They push out negative comments

8 out of 10 companies with negative reviews will disappear within three years. We are going to post so many positive reviews that your customers will never see negative ones.

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